Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is a tool in tracking crimes and monitoring movement in public places and private companies. We utilize a wide range of leading HD & AHD Cameras to provide full coverage for your location. We survey your site and provide you with several options to meet your surveillance needs.
The technology is simple to use and enables the organization to view, monitor, reduce and manage situational crimes. With our comprehensive and fully customized reports, the utilization of this system is made easy.


Betaconnect Digital has successfully installed systems across the country. These include, offices, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, office Blocks, Hotels, Banks, etc. This device is designed to meet your entire security requirement.

Our Stand – Alone CCTV systems provides visual display of specific areas of plants or building. Adequately effective in addressing property crimes, assault and robbery

Our DVR range comes in 4 channels, 8 channels and 16 channels And our DVR Card for PC comes in 16 and 32 channels.  All with Network capability that will enable the CCTV system to be monitored from a remote location via the internet.





Access Control Systems incorporate any process of verifying and allowing access (or not) to a premises or area. However, the term is more commonly used to refer to advanced systems involving key cards, pin codes and biometric scanners.

With the right access control system installed in your business, managing your security becomes easier. Your system will allow the free flow of people into and through the areas they need, helping them to do their job more efficiently. At the same time, the system will prevent people who don’t require access (or don’t require it at that time) from entering where they shouldn’t.





Power Inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to power your house.

An inverter taps current from the public supply or mains when that is on (it could be powered by a diesel or petrol or solar generator), stores that power in its battery bank as DC and converts it to AC when the power supply is gone. That way, the power inverter provides the power backup you need.

We need power inverter systems because of shortage and intermittent power supply in Nigeria. The electricity power inconstituency in Nigeria have resulted in a lot of disruptions in the day to day activities of business that rely on power.luminous1500va150ah_1sukam-pure-sinewave-inverter-offline-20kva-360v-3-phase-colossal-sku-suki1012kaos-c01

Salesperson: Jemiyo Kayode,

Betaconnect Professional Consulting                        

23 Badore Road

Lekki Peninsula, Lagos

Phone: +234-(0)-8057996885, 08075094458



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